Additional Images for - Horseless Carriages

J. M. speaks to workers at the Studebaker 50th anniversary.

A 1902 Studebaker Electric Runabout.

A Studebaker OmniBus electric bus.

A 1904 Studebaker-Garford.

A leaflet extolling the virtues gasoline power over horses.

In 1910 a Studebaker electric truck was used to transport 4 ton "Millie" to a vet.

An early Studebaker electric on the company's first proving ground . . . a boardwalk on top of the factory.

A 1908 Studebaker Garford.

A 1908 Studebaker limo.

The EMF plant in 1911.

J. M. in his parlor on his 80th birthday in 1913.

Erskine's telegram to President Wilson and the reply.

A 1918 Studebaker water truck.

With the poor roads at the dawn of the automobile age, wagons at times a clear advantage.

Vintage Photos Sought

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