Additional Images for - WW I I and Beyond

A Russian Studebaker US6 with a Katyusha rocket launcher mounted on it.

Chinese Nationals wave at a Studebaker US6 on the Burma Road.

US6 trucks at the Studebaker factory waiting for shipment.

M-29 Weasel.

Rare color photo of Weasels with the 10th mountain division near Vail, Colorado.

A U.S. Army tech manual illustration of the M-29 Weasel.

Studebaker US6 truck from a wartime ad.

A 1947 Studebaker Champion.

A 1947 Studebaker.

A 1950 Studebaker Champion.

A 1950 Studebaker Champion.

The Studebaker passenger car plant in South Bend comprised 126 acres.   ( Enlarge )

In 1952 Studebaker provided the pace car for the Indianapolis 500.
Studebaker Executive Vice President Peterson drove.

1955 Commander 4 door.

The 317 acre Studebaker truck plant in South Bend in the early 1950's.   ( Enlarge )

In this 1955 ad Studebaker attempts to shake the image of an independent maker and compares itself with Detroit makers.

Studebaker continued to make aircraft engines into the postwar era. Shown are J-47 jet engines being assembled.

Left - The last car of the first Studebaker century, 3:20 PM Feb 15, 1952.
Right - The first car of the new Studebaker century, 7:30 AM Feb 18, 1952.

Vintage Photos Sought

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End of Additional Images for - WW I I and Beyond

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