Additional Images for - The Wagon Business

Wagon parts were hand fashioned from seasoned wood.

Hubs for wagon wheels were made of Birch.
Mortises were bored then hubs were sealed and banded in hydraulic presses.

Wheels being prepared for the finishing room.
Felloes (segments of rims) are being fitted to the wheels.

A carriage is inspected as it comes off the line.

Advertising hasn't changed much since the 19th century.   ( enlarge )

The Chicago repository in 1885.

The Studebaker factory in 1872, before the big fire.   ( enlarge )

The Studebaker factory in 1876, after reconstruction.   ( enlarge )

A Studebaker Phaeton around 1880.

The Studebaker Junior. It was made by the South Bend Toy Mfg Co through 1941.

A 1908 advertising photo of a Studebaker carriage taken in Salt Lake City.

Studebaker Depot Carriage, Style No 1260.

A Studebaker water wagon in an age when life was simpler.

Vintage Photos Sought

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